- Mianying Chen
In this project, I create a particle system in the openFrameworks. With the help of the particle system, I exaggerated the galactic rotation scene. Hope to give the audience a huge visual impact. This project is still under construction, my next step is using the camera to construct a 3D sense, to make this galaxy more three-dimensional and real.
- Yu Hsuan Lin / Mianying Chen
In the project, users can create their own collage art posters with the SVG files. They can create polygons in Illustrator and save as SVG format. Then they can import the the SVG files into the program and it will automatically generate collage art with random images. Users can also type something on the poster and make a screenshot pressing X key. This program can help designers quickly create collage art posters without using photoshop.
- Mianying Chen and Mika
The inspiration of the terraces bowl comes from Chinese terraces; we use openFrameworks to generate the animation of the irregular circle and use the function of capture picture to get the pdf of these irregular circle. Then we use Illustrator to stroke these shapes and use laser cutting to generate components of the terraces bowl, In the end, we combined these components to create this meaningful bowl. We wish this bowl can have a sense of modern design and traditional Chinese elements.