GALAXY ONE (Black Hole)
- Mianying Chen
Users can create their own Black Hole through moving their mouse (when the mouse is at the left of the canvas the points are red, when the mouse is at the right of the canvas the points are blue),This project can let the user experience the process of black hole formation.
-Mianying Chen
In this project, I want users to experience multidimensional space. When users move their mouse to the different places of the screen, the user can see the change of the galaxy's shape. I want to use this project to convey the concept that because of the multi-dimensional, the things we see may not be the original appearance of things
Landscape Painting
- Mianying Chen
Through changing the RGB value, this project can allow users use the mouse to create an elegant landscape painting.
- Mianying Chen
Using the p5.js is to simulate waves, raindrops and deformable UFO.